How to Fix a Running Toilet

How to fix a running toilet? Fixing a running toilet is easy, even if you have no plumbing experience. In this article, we’ll show how to identify and solve the problem without wasting water or causing damage! So, stop scaring yourself with scary words like “plumbers”–you can do it from start-to finish in less than 5 minutes.

Replacing the Flapper On Running Toilet

When your toilet is leaking, it’s most likely because of a bad flapper. The rubber stopper inside the tank lifts to release water when you flush and then goes back down again without any trouble. Over time they begin deteriorating due to their age or wear and tear which allows some moisture to seepage through into surrounding areas creating problems with running efficiently, this could be why things are not working quite right anymore.

To start, turn off the water supply to your toilet and flush. This will drain any remaining chemicals or particles from inside of it before removing its flapper so that you can replace it with a new one. When you are replacing your toilet’s flush valve, be sure to purchase one that matches the style of the flapper in use. There are several types available, so it is important for shoppers at a hardware store or a home improvement center not only to see which kind fits their needs but also to match them up properly!

To get the most out of your replacement flapper, follow these steps: first make sure you have installed it correctly and are using a chain length that is appropriate for what type or size tank lid/handle combo unit (too short will result in “jiggling handle syndrome”), next adjust how high up off ground level this piece sits by adding links if necessary until there’s just enough space between each joint where water can flow freely without being blocked at any point along its path.

How To Fix A Running Toilet – Check the Fill Tube

If your toilet is flooding, it could be because of a broken fill tube. The small plastic tube that connects the tank to an overflow pipe will get submerged when water accidentally overflows from either side or after you flush too much waste downriver! To fix this problem quickly and easily just cut back on what’s filling up our pipes.

Check The Float On Your Toilet

The ball float is the more common type of toilet float, and it’s often found on older toilets. When you set your fill level too high with this kind of fixture couple of problems can occur. Firstly, water will rise above any overflow pipe, secondly even though filling won’t stop draining from occurring because it’s never full enough! To fix these issues all we need to do simple things like bending our arm or removing the tightening mechanism to adjust up the central tube until everything fits nicely around pins again.

Replace the broken fill Valve

The flapper may be the cause of your toilet’s problems, but if that’s not it then there is a good chance you need to replace its fill valve. To do this first drain out any water from the inside of the tank by turning off valves near these areas with an adjustable wrench until all connections have been released and tighten back up using hand tools equipped for this job only! Next, take along old replacement parts when shopping so make certain what kind will fit properly before purchasing them as the wrong size can lead to more issues than necessary.

Need a little help?

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